Don’t Take A Chance When Your Freedom Is At Stake

A conviction can put your future and your liberties at risk. It is critical to work with a criminal defense team that knows the system and the law.

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Experience Matters When You’re Facing A Charge

Criminal cases can have a lasting impact on your life – even those involving misdemeanor violations. An arrest record or a conviction can leave a mark and prevent you from getting ahead with the job you want and the apartment you need.

At Lee Sexton & Associates, P.C., we don’t forget what’s on the line when we take a case. We use nearly 60 years of combined legal knowledge to defend our clients and secure the best results possible. Experience matters when you are fighting a charge. We have the skills you want to handle a variety of criminal issues.

We Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

When you retain us, we will move swiftly to challenge your arrest, the charges and the evidence submitted. We have seen too many defendants who are railroaded by the system and over-zealous prosecutors. As your advocate, we will take a stand against the overly aggressive actions that jeopardize your rights.

We are led by our award-winning attorney, Lee Sexton, who has helped thousands of individuals throughout Henry County get the justice they deserve. Mr. Sexton has been featured on programs that include Dateline, 48 Hours, Court TV, The Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as local and national television and radio news stations. He is recognized for his ethical and tireless representation across Georgia and throughout the country.

Serving As Your Voice Throughout Proceedings

Each member of our team is deeply familiar with courtroom procedures and the powers of persuasion. We are known for our creative strategies and our ability to champion our clients’ version of events.

Our attorneys practice criminal law exclusively, so you can be certain that they will make your case their priority. We are here to help you confront the charges and move on.